Top 10 Things To Do in our island

1. Argostoli by Night. Spend a delightful evening seeing the sights in Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia which, situated in a lovely sheltered bay,was once one of the busiest ports in Greece and is today a lovely bustling town.

2. Beach Barbeque and Cruise. A boat trip along the coast, along with snorkelling and champagne diving, volleyball, canoeing and a beach barbeque and karaoke – all make for a fantastic day trip during your holiday in Kefalonia.

3. Discover Kefalonia Tour. This very popular tour offers the chance to see the best of what beautiful Kefalonia has to offer - all in one day! Fiskardo, Drogarati Cave, the Aenos National Park and the Robola winery are just some of the many highlights on this full-day, full-on, entirely unmissable excursion.

4. Ithaka Island Tour. Lying off the northeast coast of Kefalonia is the pretty island of Ithaka. This tiny island has just over 3,000
inhabitants and yet the capital, Vathi, has one of the largest natural harbours in the world. This full day tour
gives you the opportunity to explore this beautiful, unique Greek island!

5. Three Islands Cruise. This fantastic and very popular tour and cruise from Kefalonia gives you the opportunity to visit three of the
beautiful, smaller Ionian islands – Lefkas, Meganissi and Skorpios.

7. Melissani Underground Lake. One particularly popular cave on Kefalonia is the Melissani Cave, Cave of Nymphs. In 1951, explorers first discovered the Melissani Cave and found an ancient lamp is this dark underground world, which is now on display at the Archaeological Museum of Argostoli. Other important relics were also found in the cave, including plates, oil lamps and figures of several nymphs, hence the epithet the ‘Cave of Nymphs’ was born. Much of the cave’s fascinating appeal stems from the Lake Melissani, which flows silently through the lake. The water laps from the caves’ huge chambers that were carved out of the rock thousands of years ago and surround a central island. One of the chambers leads out into the natural daylight, causing sunshine from overhead to pour into the cave. Taking a boat trip around the Melissani Lake is a great way to explore this eerily exciting underground world of fascination and intrigue, providing a perfect opportunity to witness Kefalonia’s strange geological phenomena.

8. Join in the ‘Volta’. Asides being ablaze with a lively nightlife scene and a copious amount of water sports, there’s one more ‘subdued’ and ‘relaxed’ pastime that is a favourite in the busy working town of Argostoli – the capital of Kefalonia. In the summer months especially, the extensive esplanade of King George II Avenue is a favourite spot for taking a ‘volta’, which is essentially an evening stroll. This traditional social occasion is immensely popular on Kefalonia, where locals of all ages stroll about and chatter with those they encounter on route! If you want to experience a touch of Kefalonian culture then be sure to join in the ‘volta’ at sunset.

9. The Mazarakata Tombs. Dedicating a day visiting the eerie Mazarakata Tombs located between the villages of Metaxata and Lakythra is one of our highly recommended activities on Kefalonia. These ancient graves were excavated in 1908 and remain a remarkably tranquil and pensive place to spend a few hours musing over the island’s ancient history..

10. Monastery of Agios Gerasimos. Don't miss a visit to St Gerasimos Church, just off the main road a few miles out of Argostoli.Check opening times, as it seems to close some mornings.Remember to wear clothes that cover your arms and legs. The Church was ruined by the earthquake in 1953, and rebuilt by local residents.It is absolutely stunning, with bright colourful roof paintings. The body of St Gerasimus is kept in a small chapel in the garden, and opened to (usually greek) visitors once a week, though anyone can view him. The locals queue up when a priest opens the coffin, and then file past, some of them kissing, it has to be said, the rather gruesome remains. It is a very moving experience and the essence of Greece. Nearby is Denis's cafe /bar. If he's not out picking grapes Denis is a fun person to chat to, and the fresh orange juice there is wonderful.


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Kefalonia is a magnificent island that attracts
tourists by rich picturesque nature, golden sands,
calm bays and wide choice of sights.
Besides the fact this resorts becomes more and
more popular each year, everyone will be able to
find here a calm place for rest.

locals proposal

Kato Lagadi

Kato Lagadi beach lies on the eastern coast of Kefalonia, just before the wider beach resort of Limenia. Kato Lagadi, also known as Kako Lagadi is a really tiny sand and shingle beach sitting between the tall rocks. There are no facilities anywhere near the beach other than the taverns at Limenia, 1km to the north. To reach the hidden bay you have to park the cars by the road and walk down through the steep climb of the rocks which is more popular with the goats. Still this private beach attracts sailors, kayakers as well as tourists in the region who love to sunbath without anyone nearby. The waters are clear blue, pebble floored and calm with a beautiful view of the empty horizon from the top of the rocks. The beach is on the road along the coast through Lagadi village to Limenia.